Home Nursing

Home nursing services provided by Radiant Home Health Services comprise of thorough and complete care of patients, recovering or being treated at home, by trained nurses 24 x 7.

Advanced or Specialized Nurses working with Radiant possess B.Sc. Nursing Degree or a GNM Diploma. They are highly qualified and experienced to take care of critically ill and bedridden patients. Taking care of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and looking after post-operative patients are their forte. They also specialize in post delivery care of mothers. These nurses are trained and competent to handle patients with Colostomy, Tracheostomy, Ryle’s Tube feed, PEG feed, and BIPAP. They can comfortably handle all kinds of basic patient care, intravenous injections, and most of the critical care procedures at home as being provided in hospitals.

Nursing Assistants provided by Radiant Home Health Services are candidates who have completed 1 or 2 year Nursing Diploma courses and are adept at taking basic care of patients, administering oral medications, dressing, feeding through Ryle’s Tube, and giving subcutaneous injections like insulin.

Caregivers provided by Radiant Home Health Services are trained on basic patient care and possess a course completion certificate. Basic care such as (i) back care, (ii) mouth care, (iii) sponge bath, (iv) assistance in walking, exercising, and eating, (v) administering oral medications, and (vi) tending to the elimination needs like providing the patient with bedpan, urinal, or diaper is ably handled by them.

Nurse-On-Visit from Radiant Home Health Services is a nurse visiting on call and is trained to monitor the blood glucose and blood pressure levels, collect samples, change diapers, administer bladder wash & enema. They are also trained in the use of nebuliser, administer intravenous & intramuscular injections, and catheterize with expertise.

Patients are provided with the kind of nursing or caring they need or their families prefer. The level of skill and experience you need in the nurse or caretaker often depends upon the condition the patient is in and the medical or non-medical procedures that have to be regularly conducted with competence. Specialized nurses, nursing assistants, and caretakers provided by Radiant Home Health Services are skilled, reliable, and affordable, taking compassionate care of your loved one throughout the day and night.

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